Celebrate International Women’s Day with the JIF & LUX WMN!

LUX WMN is bringing you the best way to celebrate International Women’s Day in partnership with other Luxembourgish organizations including the JIF. We will be co-hosting the strike and a plethora of fun activities leading up to International Women’s Day, and we are here to lay out the details for all of our readers. 

Women’s Strike – March 7th at 3pm

Down with the Patriarchy!
We want more time, money and respect! We are striking in order to take a stance against the inequality that women have been facing for generations. Women are often responsible for doing all of the “care work”, which means that they take on the majority of family management, caring for the elderly and settling for low-paying jobs. Join us in fighting for equality!

The strike will kick off with a march beginning at Place d’Armes headed towards Rotondes, with an afterparty at the Rotondes sure to entertain late into the night. 

Begin: Place d’Armes at 3pm
The march will begin with a performance from a local musician.

Stop #1: Chambres de Députés
After the performance, we will head over to Chambres de Députés, where the manifesto will be read aloud in all languages. 

Stop #2: Gëlle Fra
There will be a second musical performance at the Gëlle Fra.

Stop #3: The Pont Adolphe
We will be marching over the Pont Adolphe.

Finish: The Rotondes
The march will end at the Rotondes, where THE afterparty will commence. We will begin with small speeches from all of the co-hosts, including our LUX WMN team! Then, there will be music and fun until late. Some of the entertainment includes a women empowerment playlist, DJ sets by Vicky Stoll, FRANCIS OF DELIRIUM (live), C’EST KARMA (live), CASSANDRA (live), and Celine DJ Catclaw.

Getting involved:

Follow LUX WMN on social media!
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Follow the JIF on social media!
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Make a poster & sign up to march with LUX WMN (sign up details will be live soon)!
Check out the slogans for the strike posters here. If you would like to make posters in a group setting, come to our office on Tuesday, March 3 @2pm.
Our address is:
1535 Creative Hub, Building C
115 Rue Emile Mark
Differdange, Luxembourg
For more information about the strike click here.

Looking for something to do on Sunday March 8th?

Join the JIF for a Feminine Brunch from 10am-3pm in Differdange. Contact Elizabeth Lang for more information and for reservations:
T – (+352) 661 379 708
*Reservations before March 4, 2020

Check out the full day of events that the JIF has planned on their website! https://fraestreik.lu/events/2020-03-08/

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