We Marched, We Chanted, We celebrated, for All Women

The celebration for International Women’s Day is over; and if you missed it, we are here to give you the rundown of how the feminists of Luxembourg spent their weekend.

The strike

JIF and other co-hosts came together to create a women’s strike, allowing women to take a stance against doing jobs that they did not sign up for or are not being compensated for.

Women have been facing inequality for generations. They are often responsible for doing all of the “care work”, which means that they take on the majority of family management, caring for the elderly and settling for low-paying jobs.

At the march

LUX WMN staff and many of its readers all marched in solidarity to support this cause.

The march included a number of stops and festivities including a visit to Chambres de Députés, Gëlle Fra, The Pont Adolphe, and the Rotondes. We paused at the Chambres de Députés where the manifesto was read, including demands of all the women marching. We marched passed Gëlle Fra where there was a musical performance. The whole group processed over The Pont Adolphe, the sky filled with purple flags and the air filled with chanting in community.

The march ended at the Rotondes where the celebration continued late into the night with live performances from various artists. One of our favorite singers, C’EST KARMA even dropped her newest single “Girls”. 

A play on Sunday

Sunday morning brought a whole new spread of events for empowering the women of Luxembourg. 

The most notable of these being the performance of the play “Footnotes”. The plot was created from an initial idea author Claire Thill had while doing a research residency in Paris, which was all about “walking” and women’s marches all over the world. Claire noticed that women’s marches have a uniquely positive dynamic as well as a wide range of diverse backgrounds present. 

Claire had an idea. She wanted to create a project about the concept of walking as a form of protest. More specifically, she wanted to capture what it’s like to walk the streets to further the feminist movement. 

The plot

The plot of “Footnotes” centers around a twenty-some, white, female protagonist who has no desire to attend the women’s march because it’s raining. She would prefer to stay on the couch where she is comfortable. Her roommate convinces her to go, and she is taken on an “unusual journey” through the history of feminism. In the end, she is confronted with her privilege and finds a guiding force in an angel. 

The research for “Footnotes” was conducted by both Claire and Director Jenny Beacraft. They came up with the concept of an interdisciplinary and intersectional piece to be performed in a theater. The work shares experiences of sexism while the characters and audience learn about their own prejudices. 

Both Claire and Jenny made their work interdisciplinary by integrating opera and dance of artists coming from different backgrounds, heritages, cultures and sexual orientations. 

Unfortunately, “Footnotes” is not scheduled to be performed again, but Claire Thill is working on a few other projects including “Tropical Gothic”, which will be all about endangered/extinct animals.

There is still a battle to be fought

The festivities of International Women’s Day have come to an end, but we must remember that we have a responsibility as women, in a world where the battle for equality is not yet won.

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