Self-Care: Quarantine Edition

You’re a hustler, a go-getter, a boss. You seize every opportunity to be at the top of your game. Even though you’re the best at what you do, you shouldn’t feel like at every waking moment, the weight of the world is upon your shoulders. Hard workers like you deserve the opportunity to take a step back, take some time, and relax. These routines and activities will help you focus on you and your self-care, so now, it’s time for you to let the good vibes flow.

Bullet Journaling

For all of the creative people out there, bullet journaling is a way to express yourself AND keep your life in check. Bullet journaling can be whatever you need it to be. It can be your daily planner, a sketchbook, goals list, or a notebook. The key is to make it fit your needs. There are loads of examples on the internet of people getting creative with it too. You can create extravagant calendars with designs and fonts or plain lists that have your weekly-to-dos.

Establish a Morning Routine You Enjoy

Whatever you’re into, start your day off right by doing it. Establishing a good morning routine and incorporating a reflection activity, such as exercise, mediation, or journaling, will help keep you grounded. Instead of getting overwhelmed and having to catch up on your self-care all in one day, doing a little each day can decrease stress-levels and improve overall well-being every day.

Move for About 30 Minutes Per Day

Exercise is great for physical needs, but it’s also good for mental health! Taking just 30 minutes out of your day to exercise can completely change how you feel; exercising also has a profound impact on mental wellbeing pertaining to stress levels, mood, sleep, and even more. The exercise of choice can range from a lunchtime stroll to high-intensity training.
For at-home exercise tips click here.

Take Time to Do Absolutely Nothing

Yes, that’s right. Absolutely nothing. Think of it as mediation that may end in a nap. Turn off the news, stop scrolling through social media, and relax. Doing nothing is actually highly beneficial for busy minds like yours. Try to just be in the moment, not in the past or the future. Think about things that you’re grateful for right now and your accomplishments. Push away any thoughts of failures from the past and obligations of the future. Take this time to decompress.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

This is an act that goes overlooked when it comes to self-care, but you are literally made of water, so drink up. Water is extremely important for your overall health and bodily functions; you should be drinking water from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed. People often wake up dehydrated, which leads to you not feeling your best as soon as your feet hit the floor. Throughout the day, your typical activities will continue to dehydrate you, and without water, your body loses sodium and potassium that it needs, leaving you fatigued and grumpy. So once again, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.


Do something that is good for the soul. The physiological benefits of volunteering run deep. Volunteering can help counteract the effects of stress and anxiety by bringing fulfillment to your life because you can see the difference that you are making in your community. After volunteering, you’ll leave feeling happy. The social aspects of volunteering can help with the physiological need for relatedness that everyone has, and volunteering with animals, specifically, can improve your mood and reduce anxiety. 

Practice Power Poses

Sit up straight. Fixing your posture can improve the way you feel about yourself and the way your body feels. Sitting up straight with your shoulders back helps people feel more confident in themselves. Amy Cuddy does a fantastic TED Talk on the meaning of body language and gives the audience poses that can make you feel more confident and reduce stress. Your body is also begging you to sit up straight. Relieve some tension that you’re putting on your poor back by improving your posture. You can keep your back from becoming fixed in abnormal positions, decrease the wear and tear of joints, and maintain bone and joint alignment by sitting up straight with your shoulders back.

People like you can achieve anything, but the first order of business should be to take care of yourself, so stay grounded, stay positive, and stay healthy, Luxembourg.

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