The LUX WMN Tee is Always in Fashion

LUX WMN t-shirts are ready for pre-order! We’ve dipped our toes into the world of fashion, but of course we kept it sustainable and cruelty-free in our women-empowering design sessions. Take a peek into how we made our t-shirts, and send in your pre-order now. 

Behind the Design

There were many hours and channels involved in bringing together the final two design choices for our LUX WMN t-shirts. We got together as a team with the initial idea coming from our CEO Amanda Roberts. 

The task of designing began with a shared Pinterest board. Our entire team went through hundreds, maybe even thousands, of women-empowerment quotes, saying, designs, ect. Our goal was to design something that would be eye-catching, on-trend and office-appropriate.

After selecting our wide variety of content options, we began converging. We condensed down to a list of about five different quotes, then all that was left to do was to make our eye-catching design.

Made with love

Ethical manufacturing is very important to us because of the environmental and community impact that it has. We chose to make our t-shirts with Ethical Tee Company. They have many registrations, memberships and licenses with garment companies fighting for fair textile sourcing.

These partnerships include the following companies: Fair Wear Foundation, Fair Trade Labelling Organization, PeTA Foundation, Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), Control Union Certification, Global Recycled Standard, OEKO-TEX, EarthPositive.

The Ethical Tee Company is a leader in sustainable and organic textile manufacturing. To read more about their accomplishments environmental certifications click here.

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