Our new obsession: La Maison du Regard

Let me start out by saying, this is not a sponsored post. It’s a genuine recommendation for a shop that shares our values and has awesome glasses!

I first heard of La Maison du Regard while we were preparing the Christmas giveaways for LUX WMN. The original idea was to only promote and include female-owned businesses- after all this is what we are all about. Then I met Michael. In that moment, I knew we needed to celebrate him and his business too- as an ally and supporter of women. After all, it’s also essential to recognize the men that work besides us towards equality and also believe in female empowerment.

Michael, the owner of La Maison du Regard in neighboring France is a gem, and his store is an incredible and unexpected find. It’s more like a shop you’d discover on a stroll through Paris, not in a small French village. Carrying the latest models of the best available brands of glasses, it’s an offer I haven’t seen before in Luxembourg. Trust me I’ve searched most of the shops in Lux- I’m a huge sunglasses fan! So normally I wait until summer holidays in Spain, Greece or Italy to search out the perfect pair. Now that I know Michael and La Maison du Regard, it’s no longer necessary! 

While the fact that he has gorgeous glasses definitely matters, what actually hooked me was the genuine respect and admiration he has for women which plays out in his daily work. 

‘The most important part about a person is their charisma, and the way they share emotion. It’s unique to each person, and I see it best through a person’s eyes. I always consider the eye as a whole: medically and emotionally.’

Michael loves his job and loves to inspire his customers. After 15 years of exchanges, he likes to encourage women to choose glasses that make them feel confident, strong and comfortable by underlining their character and also highlighting the features of their face. 

He is convinced that glasses undeniably make it possible to mark a part of a person’s identity, with intelligence and subtlety.

He always takes time with his customers in front of the mirror to advise them on the best pair of glasses that match the person’s face, mood and the emotional direction they want to go in. His mission is to make his customers feel better when they leave his store than they felt when they came in. He’s had clients tell him they felt so transformed after new glasses that they want to go to the hairdresser to change their look even more; this is when he knows he has succeeded.

Michael’s entire existence has been conditioned by the important women in his life. His mother was an example of constant love and caring, a guide for him to find his way whenever he feels lost. Michael believes that his sense of intuition, appreciation for the beauty of life and the ability to overcome struggles have been gifted to him by his mother. You feel his warmth and all of these incredible qualities the minute that you meet him. 

His grandmother was a second mother to him, and he is endlessly grateful that he was able to receive such incredible love in duplicate. From his grandmother he took the importance of simplicity and enjoying the purity of each moment. 

More generally Michael is moved by the idea that today the debates are animated around “gender equality”. 

‘For me, this is a logical standard that does not deserve discussion! I dream of a world where everyone has the skills and energy to succeed, where my son can play at the dinner table and my goddaughter can choose a truck for Christmas without a moment’s surprise! I dream of a world where a woman’s rise to power is not an event but a tribute to her success, her career and her skills. ‘

‘I was so happy to discover LUX WMN and the vital female forces of today and tomorrow that animate Luxembourg.’

Trust me, once you discover La Maison du Regard and meet Michael, you won’t shop anywhere else for glasses! 


[To find the perfect glasses, you can visit La Maison du Regard  (Tuesday-Friday 10am-6pm and on Saturday from 10am-5pm at 2, boulevard Saint Joseph, 57350 Stiring-Wendel). You can also visit their website where you can shop Michael’s incredible collections online or even submit a picture of yourself and receive personalized advice on the right glasses for you. We love this as LUX WMN are busy women, but if you do have the time, we highly recommend visiting the shop in person. You definitely want to meet Michael and exchange glances so he can personally help you with that perfect pair of glasses you’re dreaming about! ]

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